i dont know the exact mg number because they took it off the packs but on a strength scale, 10 being Export A Green, 7.5 being DuMaurier Reds, John Player Standard would be an 8 or an 8.5 PRICE: $ 15.79. JPS Players Superkings Red Cigarettes are only available in packs of 5 and above due to packaging. Re: Peter Jackson Mellow KS, they advised me: "The product new name is John Player Plus Mellow Flavour (the bottom part of the pack is white)", so same flavour name and pack colour as when PJ, just insert new brand name when asking to purchase. Cheapest Cigarette Brands in 2018 1. john player plus mellow ks price per pack of 20 cigarettes JOHN PLAYER PLUS MELLOW KS PRICE PER PACK OF 20 CIGARETTES FREE CURBSIDE PICKUP - ORDER ONLINE OR … £48.25 48.2p each. Our Details. JPS Legendary Black Cigarettes 5 x 20 per pack Alcohol: 0.0%. You must be logged in to post a review. Home » Shop » Tobacco » JOHN PLAYERS PLUS SELECT. The JPS brand has also been re-positioned in the last several years and is now a UK mid-price cigarette brand. I used to smoke 10 years ago and stupidly had a relapse last year, during which I tried Camels again, with fond memories of years gone by, but they are not the same cigarette. John Player & Sons, most often known simply as Player's, was a tobacco and cigarette manufacturer based in Nottingham, England. THERE WAS A mix up last week for some smokers of the John Player brand of cigarettes. If you are looking for lighter cigarettes from the biggest tobacco companies, on this list you will find the list of 7 cigarette brands with lowest tar and nicotine. Other. Other. JPS Superkings Real Blue Cigarettes 5 x 20 per pack 5 x 20 per pack. Out of Stock. ... Be the first to review “JOHN PLAYERS PLUS SELECT” Cancel reply. £12.18 60.9p each. As for blend, I'm not 100% convinced I'm tasting what was once a Peter Jackson. JOHN PLAYERS PLUS SELECT quantity. John Player Special Cigarettes Item Description 1 Carton 6 Cartons 10 Cartons 20 Cartons Special Price-John Player Special Ks Blue $29.99: $179.94: $299.90: $599.80: Per carton. JPS Players Real Red Cigarettes 5 x 20 per pack 5 x 20 per pack. The Government of Canada has introduced the Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) which is to come into effect later this year. Nice strength and quality Turkish tobacco. $25.71 Per carton. Marlboro Filter Plus One. $23.99 Per carton. its a okay cigarette and remember its pall mall and not pall mail This will impact Player's … AVAILABILITY. John Player & Sons issued more than 200 sets of cards and some were reprinted in the 1990s. Type: Cigarettes. In stock. Size: king. $24.99 Per carton. Just get Camel non-filter, great cigarette, I'm not a full time smoker but can't pass one up occasionally. Add to trolley. Add to trolley. JPS Players Superkings Red Cigarettes, are one of the UK's most popular cigarettes and one of the best selling.Cheapasmokes prides itself in it's low prices and its excellent same day shipping service. Category: Tobacco SKU: 465098. ... John Player Special Legendary Black 20 per pack 20 per pack.

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