It is the user’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy of these schedules for any specific court, district, or time period. What is the court fee to be paid for specific performance suit. Rs. The maximum amount you can sue for in District Court is $30,000, not including interest, attorneys’ fees, or court costs. Specific performance is a specialized remedy used by courts when no other remedy (such as money) will adequately compensate the other party. However, in some circumstances you can sue for “specific performance,” which means the judge orders the seller to actually go through with the contract and transfer the property to you. Court schedules may change without notice to Atkinson-Baker, Inc. later, refused to execute sale deed for 6 plots receiving balance 7,00,000/-. Beware real property owners: The mere filing of a suit for specific performance (regardless of its ultimate success or the merits) can potentially tie up your property for several years, with or without the existence of a lis pendens. Rs. Transfer Appeal TA Rs. An alternative to the much more common award of monetary damages, specific performance is an injunction on a contract dispute often involving sensitive material or … 7. The reason is simple. Specific Relief Act. Thanks & Regards murali whether for full sale consideration or for the value of balance 6 plots . INTRODUCTION. 2.65 8. INTRODUCTION Valuation of a suit is of two types. If one or more parties in a contract fail to live up to the agreement, the wronged party or parties can ask that the courts issue a mandate requiring … Specific performance, very simply, is a court order that mandates everyone comply with the language of the written contract. A suit has to be valued for two purposes: (1) for determining the pecuniary jurisdiction of the court in which it should be filed, and (2) for fixation of court fee … When you sue for breach of contract, you can generally sue for money compensation. It is virtually impossible to obtain title insurance necessary to convey title while an action for specific performance is pending. A specific performance example is when a party defaults on its contractual obligation and is ordered by the court to fulfill said obligations. With the establishment of courts a system was evolved for the payment of fees for adjudication of the cases. P -- … Schedules for specific courts within a state may differ from the rest of the state. Review the difference between small and large claims here . COURT FEES IN A SUIT FOR POSSESSION OF LAND : A RESEARCH PAPER Ambika Pant* I. 7,50,00,000/- ( Seven crore and Fifty Lakhs Only), what amount of Court Fees would be levied and according to which section or provision of the Indian Statute. Specific performance is a directive ordered by a court wherein a party to a contract must perform a specific action as outlined in an existent contract. If a legal remedy will put the injured party in the position he or she would have enjoyed had the contract been fully performed, then the court … In a suit for specific performance of contract of Agreement for Sale for the amount of Rs. Specific performance can refer to any kind of forced action, though it is usually enforced so as to complete a … The suit fee is … An overall fee of 10% of the amount collected is the U.S. industry standard for legal actions involving collection. Please advise me. Civil Original CO As prescribed under the Court Fee Act 9. Contempt ... leviable on the Institution of Suits, as prescribed in the Court-fees Act, 1870 When the amount or v alue of subject-matter exceeds But does not exceed Proper Fee s 1 2 3 Rs. Be aware, however, that specific performance is a rare remedy, especially from a seller. The defendant executed sale deed for 60 plots receiving 55,00,000/- from the plaintiff. The suit fee is an additional charge, over and above the contingent collection commissions charged by the collection agency and the court costs described above.